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Types are a real problem

After using the 3.5 versions (now 3.5.6 for me) for 10 years with great success, I'm trying to migrate to ver 5, because I'm worried that the old version will no longer get support at some point. In the 3.5 version I used Bank accounts as a type, which included credit cards.  In populating ver 5 with my old version backup I see that there is a new type called credit cards.  Doesn't seem that there is an easy way to move my old credit card entries into the new credit card type category.  This is crazy and hopefully I'm simply missing the secret potion needed to do that.  Ver 5 does not seem to be as user friendly as the 3.5 series, so I'll probably keep using the older version with my fingers crossed.


I'm not sure what you mean here. mSecure 3 and 4 both included Bank Account and Credit Card types. I don't know what you mean when you say you had a Bank accounts type which included credit cards in mSecure 3. Does that mean you head both a Bank Accounts and Credit Cards type in the old app or that you have a credit card number field and other credit card fields in the Bank Accounts record type of the old app? It sounds or seems like you might have changed your record types in the old app in a way that makes it hard for mSecure 5 to transfer your information correctly. By that I mean, mSecure 5 knows how the old record types are set up and uses the old record types ids and other info to move the information to the newer mSecure 5 structure. If you modified our existing record types or deleted the existing types in mSecure 3 or 4, mSecure 5 could migrate your information slightly differently than expected. 

Unfortunately, you cannot edit a record's type in mSecure 5. Because of that, if your credit card type? records did not migrate to the default mSecure 5 Credit Card type, you'll have to manually recreate those records in mSecure 5. 

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