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Password issues

A while back I updated my app & I ended up getting & new and improved version of the app in addition to the old one. This meant I had two apps on my iPhone, the new version allowed me to login with the Face ID feature on my iPhone, at no point did I ever use my original password from the older app, so logging in was easy & I had always assumed it would be the same password as my older app. The problem now is that I have since changed to a new iPhone & for some reason the Face ID component of it is disabled, hence the only way into the new version of the app requires a manual password, which in this case for some reason is different to the original apps password, what password will it accept? I don’t know because I only ever logged in with Face ID & can’t ever recall having been asked to create a password always assuming it would be the same as the original app which I can still login to no worries. My problem is I’m locked out of the new version app & have new content in there I can no longer access

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I have this exact same problem.  I cannot log into my app and there is information in there that I need to access.  My face recognition isn't working - so I cannot log into my account.  Can I reset the password somehow?

Fingerprint and face recognition are great - very convenient - but this is the problem - in some ways I'm glad my Windows machine forces me to use a password so that I use it regularly and don't forget it.

Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. mSecure 5 is the first and only version of mSecure to use an account system. When you started using mSecure 5, you created an account with an account password. When you reinstall or install mSecure 5 on another device, you must sign in to your account using your account credentials (mSecure account email address, account password, and account key). If you don't have access to those credentials, you can reset your account to start over in the app. If you have forgotten your account's password, you can learn how to reset your account and create a new account password here:

Also, your account (at least for the email you are using on this forum) is a free account so you have no data you can access outside of the data in mSecure 5 on the device you were originally using. Free accounts can only create, edit, and remove records and groups. Free accounts only have data locally on a device and that data can be lost if the app is removed or reinstalled as well. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you here.

Hi Leisa,

You too have a free account. Free accounts don't have access to Face ID or Touch ID features. If you have forgotten your account's password, you can learn how to reset your account and create a new account password here:

Hi Andy,

We recommend customers use passphrases for passwords they must memorize by heart. Passphrases allow you to create strong but memorable passwords you can use for passwords such as a computer login password or your mSecure account password. We will be introducing Random Words passphrase option to our password generator soon to help users create these kinds of passwords in mSecure in the future. Additionally, we are looking into requiring users to input their account password periodically (would have an option to disable this, but it would be enabled by default) so that when users are unlocking the app via Touch ID, Face ID, fingerprint, etc., they could get a chance to see if they remember their account password without having those biometric options disabled. That way, we can simply take them to the "Change account password" screen and have them change their password if they fail to enter in their correct account password. 

Thankfully, if using a paid account, customers using mSecure 5 on Android, iOS, and Windows can already change their account passwords using Touch ID, Face ID, or fingerprint options if they are able to unlock the app using one of those features. In the future, we'll be adding that ability to the Mac version as well. Unfortunately, users could still lose access to one of those features if they change their biometric options or something odd happens after a major OS update :-/

Also, I know you stated you are glad Windows forces you to use a password, however, we do provide Windows Hello options so that you can use additionally Windows Sign in options to unlock the app. With the Windows Hello feature enabled ( mSecure 5 > Settings > Security > Enable Windows Hello), you can unlock mSecure 5 on your computer with your Windows PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition options.

Thanks for the comprehensive response - your proposed new features would be welcome.

(I was aware of Windows Hello - but it does depend on hardware that my computer does not have)

Hi Andy,

Windows Hello simply uses the additional sign-in options for Windows. One of those options is a PIN code. You do not need any additional hardware or software to enable a PIN unlock for Windows and thus being able to unlock mSecure 5 using Windows account PIN code as well.

I hadn't been aware of the ability to use a PIN - does it block after a number of tries? (I wouldn't want to destroy my database but also wouldn't want to allow someone to keep on guessing until they got the correct PIN)

Hi Andy,

mSecure 5 for Windows has a Self Destruct option. With that option enabled, the app will be reinstalled after a number of failed unlocks (5, 10, or 20). Beyond that, no, there is nothing that blocks a user from just repeatedly trying to unlock the app using your Windows PIN if you've enabled the PIN option on your computer and have enabled Windows Hello in mSecure. 

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