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Password has been changed

Opened the app and there was a banner at the bottom saying my password had been changed. I did not change my password and my password does not work. I don't recall receiving an email saying it was changed. What action do I need to take? I don't want to push the reset button if this is a system hiccup.

Hi Jonette,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Unfortunately, it sounds like you've experienced an older issue we had. This issue caused a wrong message to be displayed in the app after a user session had expired. Our system is 100% protected and secure. However, customers who have been signed in to an account without reinstalling the app or having to go back to the full sign in process for over a year or more, will be have expired login sessions and will need to sign back into the app. Unfortunately, our app was not handling that process properly because it was giving users the message we provide when a customer changes their account password on a device. Additionally, iOS and Android users had to use their account password to unlock the app and have to set up Touch ID/Fingerprint access again afterward this error: mSecure 5 -> Settings -> Enable Touch ID/Fingerprint

Please note that no password change has occurred here. Sorry about the panic and inconvenience this might have caused. There is no action required here. Simply unlock the app using your account password and everything should work properly. You should not receive that message again in the future unless you actually change your account password.

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