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Desktop dilemma

I've used 1Password for 11 years, but I really like the UI of mSecure and I know the 1Password UI will likely never's outdated and boring and been in place for many years. 

I know you don't have a way to autofill using the macOS version, but is this in the works? IOW, if I purchase mSecure now roughly how long before the desktop version can autofill or you have a Safari extension that will autofill? Months...years...never? This is a huge pain point.

The problem I have is if I check both the username and password to be copied to the clipboard, it pastes both into each credential field on the can't differentiate so it doesn't work at all. I could live with pasting in the login credentials if it would only do it. Am I doing something wrong??

BTW, kudos on the smoothest and most problem-free import from 1Password of any of the top password managers!

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Hi Larry,

Thank you for contacting us. Autofill on computers can only work with browser plugins. Thankfully, we are currently working on that feature and are months away from releasing browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Mac ( The functionality is a set on Chrome/Firefox and we are currently working to fix bugs and have the plugin working on other browsers as well ). Our auto-copy feature at the moment works best if you only auto-copy the password and know/remember the username/email address. If you select to auto-copy both the username and password you get this in your clipboard username:password. Unfortunately, that can create more work because you'd then have to cut and paste the information you need on the sign in form on a page. 

Also, I'm glad you had no issues importing your 1Password information! We are working on importers for Dashlane as well and making the CSV import option a process with user interface steps to make that process a lot more user friendly as well. 

Just wanted to push this thread up.

I've just searched for the same issue and ended up here. Looking forward for the autofill plug-in on Mac osX Safari as well, hope it will be out soon !

Hi Andrea,

We're also really looking forward to releasing this long-awaited feature! It will be so nice to have mSecure's automated features working in the major browsers, and they'll be here in mSecure 6!

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