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Open 2 apps at the same time using different DBs

We have an old Database and a new Database and we need to manually move relevant details from one to the other and we need to have 2 instances of mSecure open on the same PC.  Initially our work around was to RDP onto a local PC and do it that way but now we want all our staff to do this so we need a way to have 2 instances open on one PC at the same time.

Can you tell me if this is possible?



As a follow on -w e cant use the Cloud wither

Hi Jonathan,

I'm assuming this is for mSecure 3, is that correct? Either way, no, you cannot have two separate instances of the app running on the same computer account. However, if using mSecure 3, you can always print out your information or export your information to a CSV file. With either a print out or a CSV file, you can easily see your information for one specific database and have mSecure 3 opened with a different database to be able to compare and update information as needed.

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