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I currently have mSecure 5 set to sync via wifi, and as I had been continuing to use mSecure 3 I decided to re-import (as there were newer entires in my v3) by backing up in v3 and restoring the backup in v5.  When I restored the backup, I see mSecure making a connection to  If mSecure is configured for Wifi sync, then what information is being exchanged to a server in AWS?


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Hi Jon,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 has a feature that will download site icons for you automatically. The icons we use are stored on Amazon S3 services. You are free to not allow a connection if you'd prefer not to. However, if you deny the connection you will not be able to have site icons downloaded for you. You'll have to rely on using custom icons instead. This feature is something that happens regardless of sync option chosen and it is only to check for and download available site icons for the website's you have in mSecure. I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have here.


Thanks so much for your quick response and being so transparent!  This makes me feel much better.


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