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Price for upgrade

I have the older version of mSecure (4.5.4). I looked into upgrading to version 5 tonight since the ability to sync over WiFi is back. On my iPad, a pop-up after I log into my mSecure app comes up that states I can upgrade to it for 50% off. When I click on the “learn more” button, it goes to your website which states the buy it now price for loyal customers is 33% off, or $19.99. So what price will I be charged if I decide to get mSecure 5?


Thank you for contacting us. We no longer offer the 50% off discount. That is a much older discount that was available when we released mSecure 5 around May 2017. The 33% off discount is the discount we provide now almost 2 years after the release of mSecure 5.

Well, interesting how it keeps popping up with the 50% off offer when I open the 4.5.4 version - 2 years after the release of 5. Only reason we were looking at upgrading now was because of the WiFi ability that was not offered originally when the version 5 upgrade came out.

Hi L,

I'm not sure why it keeps offering you a 50% discount. We do not even offer a discount in mSecure 4 anymore. We simply advertise that mSecure 5 is available and link to mSecure 5 on the App Store. Your advertising seems to be old and not updated. Likely indicating that you haven't connected to the internet with mSecure 4 opened in a long time. Note that WiFi syncing and all the other syncing options were released in an update in Jan. 2018.

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