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crash on windows 10

just bought msecure 5 30 euros. instaklling on windows 10 through windows app store. launching it, it crashes. continuously. once i managed to make authentication, but nothing more. it crashes. always. it opens few seconds, and disappears. 

previous version, was easier and reliable. working on my computer (windows 7) and mobiles. free and easy.

now, expensive and unreliable.

expensive and useless.

not sure what i can do.

it does not give any error message.

it just crashes.

Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. mSecure 4 and below were not free. Each version of the previous versions was sold separately on each platform. 

I'm sorry about the crashing you've been experiencing here.Unfortunately, I do not know what could be causing your crashing issues. My recommendation would be to use our Microsoft Store app issues guide and go over the first 4-5 steps to try to fix any issues you might have with the Microsoft Store that could be causing issues here:

Beyond that, you could create a crash log and provide me that crash log to see if it can tell us anything about your issue here. Please follow these instructions to set up a log file that this version can use to let us know what is causing the crashing issues here: 

1. I've attached a file here "mSecureLog.txt" please download this txt file or create your own txt file with the exact same name.

2. Click the search menu in your Taskbar and input this and click on the folder option that should appear: %userprofile%\appdata\local\packages\mSevenSoftware.mSecure10

3. Click LocalState and save the mSecureLog.txt file in this location.

4. Click mSecure 5

Even if the app crashes for you, the mSecureLog.txt will save logging information that will let us know what might be causing this issue. This log will be clear each time mSecure 5 is ran. After you've clicked the mSecure 5 icon, please attach the mSecureLog.txt file in a reply to me here and I'll pass this on to our developers. Note that this log file does not gather any sensitive information.

To resolve this issue, kindly try running the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files. For steps on how to run the System File Checker tool, refer to the following link:

If the issue persists, we recommend that you perform a clean boot. A clean boot is performed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This helps eliminate software and driver conflicts.

For steps on how to perform a clean boot, check the following link:

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