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Autofill option on iOS

Currently you can only select an item for Autofill from Logins. I have username and passwords as custom entries but with Autofill they do not appear in Search (as it is not saved under Login and in custom category) Hope you can allow Autofill from any entry saved in mSecure.

Hi Dharmil,

Currently, a record must include a URL, username, and password either in the record or in the record type in order for the record to be seeing as login record style or type aka a record you would use to sign in to a website with. If using custom records, please update the record type or the record to include all three fields required and you should be able to use the AutoFill feature for your records. Note that having a URL set for the record helps mSecure associate a record with an app or website so that you don't have to search for the record in the Autofill section.

I have some apps installed on iPhone for which I have saved only username and password under Custom category. So when I open the app, it shows the Autofill option with mSecure. So if I had an option to search from any of my mSecure records then I would easily be able to select it. Then next time it would just ask me for touch id.

Is it not possible to allow without URL with just username and password?

We do not have plans for that. Adding a url field to a custom record type is very simple though:

1. Open and unlock mSecure 5

2. Tap the menu icon

3. Tap Settings

4. Tap Edit Types

5. Tap your custom type

6. Add a URL field type

7. Save your changes

Alternatively, if it's only for a few records:

1. Open and unlock mSecure 5

2. Search and tap on the record to view it's details

3. Tap the Edit option

4. Add a new custom field. Make sure it's a URL field type

5. Add a label to the custom field

6. Add a URL to the custom field

7. Save your changes

8. Repeat for any record needed

Either way, our AutoFill option will show your record in the AutoFill settings. If you add a URL for the record, it will also try to automatically associate the record with an app and(or) website.

Is it mandatory to have the record type saved as Login to appear in Auto Fill? I opened an app on iPhone, selected Passwords, mSecure. It is asking to create a new record. But I have already updated the same url in the url field of my custom field. So it is not detecting it and not showing in search.

No, it's not mandatory to have the record be a Login record type. However, as I mentioned, your record must include a URL, Username, and Password field type. Please note that it requires these specific field types. You cannot label a text field URL, Username, or Password. The field type has to be a URL field type, a Username field type, and a Password field type.


OK so I understand that having a username is also mandatory.

I have so many apps that do not require a username, only password.

I think I will give up on this feature.

Hi Dharmil,

Are these apps like ours that only require the full account credentials once and then only the account password afterwards to unlock it? Otherwise, if these apps do not require a username, they aren't using accounts and only using a password to lock the app locally. I'm sorry if our auto-login feature does not work for you though. You can always add the username field type to your records and not use it though.

They are Crypto apps which just require a Passphrase. You are right they only use the password to lock app and store data locally.

I thought about just adding "A" to all username fields but I am not sure if I will like it seeing it that way.

Hi Dharmil,

You don't have to actual add a field with information on it here. You simply have to have the username field type available on your record type. So for example, let's assume that you are using a custom Crypto record type:

  1. Open and unlock mSecure 5
  2. Tap the menu icon
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Edit Type
  5. Tap the Crypto record type
  6. Tap the Add Field option
  7. Make sure the you have the URL field type, the username field type, and password field type

That's it. When creating a crypto record, you don't have to add any field that you don't want. mSecure will know that this is a login style record and it will be available for your in the auto login options. Without a URL, it will likely not show up automatically in the keyboard suggestion but it will be available when you tap the Passwords option and unlock the mSecure to view the Auto Login records.

I totally understand what you are saying.

To give you an idea, I have attached the entries.

When I open the Crypto app and select Passwords, mSecure...  It says 0 Accounts Found.

From my saved entry you can see that I have added URL same as the app, username field is empty and there is a password which I wan't the app to recognise from mSecure. 

I have added the Address field (Text field) and Private Key (Sensitive Number Field) but I do not want the app to recognise this anyways so that should not matter.

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Hi Dharmil,

Would you be able to tell me what this app you are using is? Would love to test this issue myself.

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