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Best Practice Wifi Sync Multiple Devices


using the latest mSecure version, what is the best practice to sync multiple devices.

I use an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook and a Windows Desktop PC.

So far I've set the Windows Desktop as Main Computer, and syncing with my iPhone seems to work. However now I'm sitting on my Macbook and just registered a new Password. My windows PC is not running. I'd like to sync my PW now to my iPhone, do I have to set the macbook as main computer as well? Will the PW then sync to my windows PC via the iPhone when I run mSecure on it and the Macbook doesn't run? Are there going to be conflicts when setting 2 computers as main PCs?

The while concept is not very clear to me, is there any documentation regarding this?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Axel,

Thank you for contacting us. The computer you set as you "Main computer" will be your sync server. If you do no plan on running or having the computer available, I would not recommend setting it up as your "Main computer." That said, you are free to switch what computer you use as your sync server in mSecure 5 whenever you want. It will not cause any issues here. As previously mentioned, I'd recommend you make the sync server the computer that will be on most of the time or will be available most of the time. That way, the sync server aka your main computer, will sync any changes automatically across mSecure 5 on your local network and you won't have to worry syncing for the most part.

Thanks a lot for your response, that does make things more clear. Out of curiosity, what happens if I have 2 Main Computers?

Hi Axel,

That's not possible. Only one computer can be set as the main computer or sync server. If one computer is already set as the main computer and you make another computer the main computer, the other computer will stop being set as the main computer next time it is unlocked, opened, or a sync is attempted. 

One of the drawbacks to the implementation of WiFi synching is that the "Main Computer" and the mSecure app both need to be running - but also the mSecure app needs to be unlocked.

Is there a technical or security reason why synching could not take place while the Main Computer app is locked?


It's more a matter of convenience, I'm either using my Laptop OR my Desktop, both almost never run at the same time.

Is there maybe any way to make my phone the sync server? This would be ideal for my use case as it's the device I use most and always have it with me

Hi guys,

Andy, we did not want to make it so that WiFi syncing took place while the app was locked to make sure that syncing is fully controlled by those using WiFi syncing. Additionally, we do not sync when the app is closed or locked while using any other sync feature. We did not want to change this for WiFi syncing. 

Axel, if it is convenience you are after, we have our mSecure Cloud, Dropbox, and iCloud syncing options available. With those options you don't have to worry about a computer being on or mSecure 5 being unlocked on that computer and all of your devices will always be in sync. Also, no your phone cannot be set as the sync server. Mobile devices don't generally allow us to open the needed networking settings. Though I'm sure it is technically possible to do on Android. However, it is not something we intend to provide.

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