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Autofill for Macbook

 I'm trying to get msecure to autfill passwords in my browser on my macbook pro.

How do I configure that so I don't have to go to the app and copy/paste everything?

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Hi Nick

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 for Mac and Windows does not have browser plugin or extension support. Because of that, there is no autofill options on our computer versions. mSecure 5 on Mac can currently only automatically copy your username and(or) password whenever you click on a record's URL to launch a website. However, we are working on browser plugins/extensions to help users automate this process in the future. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you here.

I second that request! I have a competing password manager (who shall remain nameless) which has a handy MacOS/Safari extension that is a real time-saver. I look forward to seeing one in mSecure.

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