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Problem importing CSV file

I am trying to import to mSecure 5 passwords, etc., from LastPass. I created a CSV file (screen shot attached) as described on your support pages. Once imported it creates a new Logins type, and the Website, Username, and Password fields are instead labeled Field 0, Field 1, and Field 3 (see the attached screen shots). What am I doing wrong?

Types.png Types.png
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CSV.png CSV.png
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Hi Dan,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure which instructions you are looking at. However, our import from a CSV article here: lets you know that our Login type is called a Login. Please change your CSV file to use the a type called "Login" instead of "Logins" here and all should work right. Otherwise, you can create a new Logins type in mSecure 5, set up the fields you'd like to use for this custom type in mSecure 5, and then import from the CSV file with the "Logins" record type instead. I'd recommend simply renaming your CSV file to use "Login" instead of "Logins" though.

That fixed my problem. Thank you so much!

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