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Why do you object to my review??

You sent me email about a review I posted. Why? Please post your own response there as I am not sure what you object to, if anything specific.

 I have no interest in a paid subscription to Pro (discounted or otherwise) and did not write my review for that reason as you imply. I guess I could add that you offered me the option to change my review for a discounted price on Pro. I just don't think you would like that, and since it wasn't my intent to solicit that, let's let sleeping dogs lie, shall we? 

As to your query about the timeout issue that I did point out, I mentioned specifics and we have had that discussion, so I stand by that report since you haven't fixed it and expressed your doubts about it yet again. 

I thought it was a fair review and rated better than average. 

Hi Henry,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what you mean here. We typically respond to reviews on app stores. Usually to try to help users with any issues they are having, provide additional information, or thank a user for a review. Here is the response to your review in text form (copied it from your image):

"Thank you for your review. I'm not sure if this was told to you when you were talking with support, but as an existing mSecure customer, we do offer you a discount on the mSecure Pro license. So you're not left out in the cold even if you didn't take advantage of the pre-order offer =) To be clear, in the latest version of mSecure (mSecure 5), all sync features that were available in the old app are now supported. You can use Dropbox, iCloud, our mSecure Cloud, which is new to version 5, or Wi-Fi syncing if you want to keep your information local on your device. Also, in regards to your feedback, unfortunately, I don't quite understand what you are referring to when you talk about multiple selections timing out. There's nothing like a timeout built into the app, so it would be great if you could let us know exactly what you mean. Please contact us on our support forum - - or via email - - and we can get you access to a discount on the Pro license. We can also talk more about your feedback if you are willing"

There is no objection to your review here. Simply a response to get more information. 

  1. Unfortunately, the Google Play Store doesn't always allow us to view the email address for the user providing a review. Because of that, we are unable to then look at our support system for tickets or issues that user has raised. 
  2. mSecure 5 is not a subscription service. It is a one-time single purchase. 
  3. We are not offering you a discount price to change your review. Again, no such offer is being made or was made. We provide a discount to all previous mSecure users and we were letting you know that in this response. You can even change your review to be more negative if you'd like. As I mentioned to you in a ticket you created (#11137): Though we'd prefer 5 star reviews, any and all reviews are more than fair reviews for us.
  4. The wording of timeout issues is vague and doesn't quite make sense. I looked over all your tickets in our system and I still don't know what you mean here. What times out? What issue are you having? There is no timeout function in mSecure 5. However, I know some users have experienced issues trying to restore from a backup file in mSecure 5 on Android. The issue is generally that the backup restore process seems to never end or stop. Is that your issue?
  5. You are free to keep whatever review you have of us on any and all app stores. We are free to reply to those reviews as well though.

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