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mSecure 4 and ios 12

I have been happily using mSecure 4 with ios 11.  Has anyone tried using it with the ios 12 beta?  I plan to test it on an extra ios device, but wondered if anyone has tested it yet.  Also, asking mSecure to confirm that version 4, for those who have already purchased it, will remain downloadable from the app store, as a Purchased Item, after the release on Monday of ios 12.

Sorry. Meant to put this in older versions discussion.

I'm anxious to find out as well.  mSecure 4 is a ROCK!  Syncs across iCloud INSTANTLY from any interface (iOS device, macOS), is fast GUI, and just damn right works!  Here's to hoping it continues because 5 is a dog...still is with all the work trying to bring back the features, it still does not sync instantly, you can change fonts (no hope for us color blind men), etc.

sorry to rant...I just need mSecure 4 to continue operating!!

Thank you for contacting us. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. mSecure 4 works perfectly with iOS 12. mSecure 4 will continue to be downloadable from your Purchased List as long as you use the Apple ID or Family Sharing to share the purchase.

Note: mSecure 5 syncs instantly with our mSecure Cloud syncing and WiFi syncing. iCloud and Dropbox can take up to 60 seconds to sync in mSecure 5 on the device making the change and up to anther 60 seconds for mSecure 5 on other devices to sync in the changes. However, you can manually sync in mSecure 5 to sync as quickly as you would like. To manually sync on iOS, please have at least one record on iOS or create a test record and follow these steps:

1. Tap and hold the top record
2. Drag the record down and release

Also, there are no missing features in mSecure 5 at this time beyond the ability to remove custom icons which will be added back soon. Beyond that, mSecure 5 provides more sync options, photo attachments from the start, more in record customization, better print out on Mac and Windows, and mSecure 5 will have an update today so that you can use the iOS 12 Auto-Fill features:

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