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Web interface.


As you guys have made the inconvenient decision to publish your Windows application via the Windows Store only, I cannot install the application on the work PC as the Windows Store has been disabled.

I see two solutions to this issue.

1. Publish the Windows as a downloadable executable.

2. Make a web interface for passwords.

I would be surprised if I am the only person with this problem and even if I am, having a web interface seems in line with your competitors.  Not to mention really useful.



Hi Even,

Thank you for contacting us. No, you are not the only one that has this issue. mSecure 5 for Windows is a UWP app. Because of that, we cannot just publish an exe of the app. In order to do that, we would have to create a whole new app instead. Unfortunately, for those that have the Microsoft Store disabled, we currently have no plans to create a new .exe app or make our app a web app. That said, we are looking into creating a sideloaded version of the UWP app. That would allow Windows 10 users without access to the Microsoft Store to install the app. However, I'm not sure when or if this sideloaded version will be available. I'm sorry I don't have better news here.

Any update to this yet?  I've just run into the same issue.

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, a sideloaded app takes too much work for a normal user to be able to install. It also requires installing certificates and that might require policy changes just like being able to use the Microsoft Store itself. Because of that, we've decided against publishing a sideloaded app or making it available to the general public. Perhaps we can revisit this in the future if sideloaded apps or our sideloaded app does not require additional certificates to install and run. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you here. For now, mSecure 5 for Windows continues to only be available through the Microsoft Store.


1.       Go on a machine that the MS Store works and add the product (Apps and games that must be purchased in the store will not work) to that machine.

2.       Then go into the MS Store to My Library – All installed.  On the app you want, left click next to the launch button and select Share.  The Share window should open, select copy link.

3.       Go to this web site:  and paste this link in  which is the product ID for MSecure 5.  You can do the same for any application that is not purchased directly in the store.

4.       On the target machine you need to enable sideloading  per these instructions

5.       You now need to download the packages required (see below for MSecure 5) and copy them to a folder on the machine where the store does not work. Just double click the appxbundle and the application will install.



6.       MSecure 5 will now launch on the target machine.

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