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Scrolling on Android- return to record list at place I left

Situation: I'm scrolling to a record starting with "M" (much improved scrolling btw)

I find (what I believe to be) the correct record and open it

Ooopss! wrong record-

When I exit the record, I start back at "A"- at the top of the list

Q/ feature request- a way to set the program so that when I exit record "M", I stay at the "M" section of the list, rather than returning to and having to start scrolling down the list again from "A"

Hi Mcdougal,

Thank you for the feature request. However, mSecure 5 should return you to the place you left off at when you go back from viewing a record. The only time that is not the case is when you edit or use the record in any way (tap on a field or favorite the record). The reason for that is that in that case is that the app marks the record as used or edited and must refresh the list in order to do so. I feel that even in that case we should keep a user in the area they were on previously. However, I am told that is not possible at this time.

Answer to the question at the bottom: mSecure will remember on what filter you are on (All, Recents, Login, Credit Card, Secure Notes), what sort method you are using (Date, Group, Name, Type), and(or) what Group you are on. However, it does not remember your place within any of the filters or lists.

Tyvm for the response- my gut is that I'm triggering the reset by clicking on something in the record, but I'll focus on it more to make sure- sorry to hear it's not possible but appreciate the quick response


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