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App Crash on androiid


Android 7.0 (EMUI 5.1)

Crash on password input.

Plz, Resolve.


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My android msecure app has been crashing for 2 days now. Any estimated time for another update?

Hi guys,

You can fix the issue right now by simply reinstalling the app. Please make sure you have access to your authentication email before reinstalling the app: 

I fix for our update will be out later today.

I'm having 2+ crashes per day ("mSecure has stopped working"), usually while I have the app minimized in the background after using it to look up/ copy/ paste a password

Running Android version 8 on a Samsung Note8

Hi McDougal,

I'm sorry about the issues you're experiencing. mSecure 5 creates crash log files on your Android device. This files are stored in: internal storage/mSecure5/logs and contain no personal information. Would you be willing or able to provide us with crash logs here? I would give them to our developers so that they can check on your issues and hopefully we can have an update to fix this issue soon afterwards.

Tried to send them via the phone- hope you receive them and that they are useful-


Hi McDougal,
Did you send the crash logs via email to our support email? Did you create a ticket and attach them there? Did you attach them to your forum reply? I can't find anything from you for this.

I submitted a ticket on this but it has been closed (

Hi Mike,

Customer will often times create multiple emails for support about the same issue. Because of that, if we see multiple emails from the same customer in a short period, we merge the emails or tickets to make it easier to manage. It looks like one of my coworkers merged your tickets to this one:

I'll go ahead and answer your tickets myself. Please note that you can and should start a new topic or discussion here unless your issue is directly related to the topic you are replying to.

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