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Titles, or Titles With Details In Middle Column - Windows 10 App

In my Windows 10 app there are 3 columns: On the left are options such as Add Item, All Items, etc. In the middle is the column showing the titles of the individual records, and on the right is the view showing the details for the selected record. I notice that in my middle column some of the records are also showing the details in a condensed format under the titles. Others show only the titles. This is probably an option somewhere that I've managed to select on some but not others, but I can't figure out what I've done. How do I control whether records in the middle column only show titles, or show details too?

Hi David,

You can control what is shown in the middle column or "Main view" in the Edit Types settings. Simply go to the settings, click Edit Types, select a record type to edit, and enable/disable the "Show in main view" option for any and all fields you'd like.

Got it. Thanks!

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