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How about a little love for your previous users?

So, having downloaded the trial version, figured out a few problems (new account registration, software features from the ground up, got iOS syncing to iCloud working and generally got version 5.5 to the point where it's usable for a proper trial. Now, how's about a little love???

Give your users like me some incentive to upgrade – discount it to users of let's say version 3 & 4 going up to 5, please. My family has two purchased registration codes from version 3 that we'd like to upgrade. Let's make a deal. The price is too steep @$30/each. 

Hi Henry,

You can purchase an mSecure 5 license from our website here: or through in-app purchase in mSecure 5 itself. Please contact us here or via email at for discount offers we might have available. Paid users simply have to sign in to the mSecure account they created and used to purchase an mSecure 5 license. 

Note: we've been sending out emails to previous customers since before we launched mSecure 5 (pre-order offers) offering a variety of discount offers. 

I too am a bit frustrated with the steep price for previous users who have already paid. I've been using msecure since version 3. I have yet to receive any emails telling me about a discounted promotional rate and I have purchased a license twice for myself and once for my wife's iPhone in the past. I told everyone about the app and even felt it was worth the 9.99 I paid previously. The fact of the matter is that I would continue using version 4.5.4 if the backup feature still worked.  When I go to "backup data" I am taken to a page that tells me to visit to download a free copy of mbackup for my computer. I'm sure you're aware that's a dead link now. What are the options for backup on version 4.5.4? Do I have to go to version 5 for this feature?  

Hi Jason,

I'm sorry that you are frustrated here. It looks like you are trying to use a very old URL and we haven't redirected that old URL properly. Thankfully, you can always click the "Back to home" option in the page note found page and search for any article or information on our support website. However, I also went ahead and updated that URL to work properly in the future. 

Here is the mBackup article you seem to have wanted:

I would recommend against using our really old backup utility though. We have a much easier/better email backup feature in mSecure 4 that you should use instead:

With that all out of the way, I'm not sure why you did not get any of our promotional material. mSecure 4.5.4 itself has an in app message about mSecure 5 and our discounts have been offered within mSecure 4.5.4 regularly. If you would like to learn about any current discounts, please submit a ticket on this website or contact us at for information.

Ive been trialing the MSecure app now for 30 days and I’ve been offered a 29.99 one time purchase of the new app but when I attempt to purchase it it asks for 47.93

Hi Johanna,

Thank you for contacting us. Our pricing is USD pricing. It sounds like you are looking at AUD pricing plus taxes. Feel free to contact us at for discounts or special offers. Please note we are an American company and we'll always list things in USD unless otherwise specified.

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