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password problem

My password works on my problems at all.  I'm 100% on my password. I couldn't forget it if I tried.

But using the same password, it does not work on my Mac...I downloaded the MAC version of the app on my new laptop but I cannot log in. Please help!

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I have tried to login to mSecure5 and my PW from my previous version will not work.  I was never asked to "register" on the mSecure5 app, the PW window appeared.....Trying to get "help" from the Support portal has been futile.  

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Are you trying to use mSecure 3/4 and mSecure 5 here? mSecure 5 is the first and only version of mSecure to use an account system. If you'd like to try mSecure 5, please create an account. If you feel you already have an mSecure account, please use this guide to help you with your password issues:

I am trying to transition from my mSecure v.3 to v.5. I find it puzzling to do you didn’t gather this information from my initial email. I feel that that was spelled out explicitly. Once again, I have received something from your support team which really is not supportive at all. I would genuinely appreciate if you would read the initial email which spells out the problem. Allow me to elaborate. I cannot login to mSecure 5.

Installed msecure5 on my Android 7.0 phone the other day, but have not yet scanned the QR code that I received.  I just also installed msecure5 on my Win10 laptop to start setting up my pw accounts. I cannot login to msecure5 on either device. My password is something I cannot forget if I tried, and I have also set-up what is to me a foolproof hint. Why is the PW I set-up on my Android phone last Saturday not working a week later? I am using the free trial version at the moment.

what was the solution?

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