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Version 5.5.3 does not sync with Dropbox!

I purchased this new version (5.5.3), and later I "discovered" that it is not possible to synchronize PC, phone and tablet with Dropbox but only with your Cloud! 

Being passwords I do NOT want to "deliver" them to your Cloud! 

This important change is not highlighted and I do not find it very "honest". 

Patience, I gave you these dollars, I will return to the old version, but please avoid in the future to offer me "upgrades" that hide swindles.

HI Dario,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  mSecure 5 let's you sync via our mSecure Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud (Apple only), or WiFi syncing. I do not know why you are stating that our mSecure Cloud feature is the only option. However, mSecure 5 should ask you which sync feature you'd like to use the very first time you sign in to an mSecure account or create an account on a device. You can also always change your sync method in our settings under Sync Settings.

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