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sync is slower in version 5.5 than 3/4

I just upgraded to version 5.5 and immediately notice that when I edit a record, the sync to iCloud is much slower than when I was using the previous version (3 on Mac, 4 on iOS).  It previously took less than a second.  Now it seems to be several seconds, up to 8-10 until I see the "Syncing..." message at lower left.

I also don't appreciate that it no longer provides confirming information about the number of records synced.   Seems to just show "Syncing..." at the bottom for a long time.   Previous version it took just a second or two and would show something like "3 records synced" which was useful information.

Hi Brad,

Thank you for contacting us. Syncing via iCloud or Dropbox syncing in mSecure 5 for iOS and Mac can take up to 60 seconds to sync. If you'd like a faster sync, you can sync manually instead.

iOS: Tap and hold a record, drag the record down, and release

Mac: Command+Shift+S

After a few tests I've found it's often much more than 60 seconds.  I've had records not show up as changed after 15 minutes.  This is unacceptable.

The sync feature is setup to sync within 60 seconds and the other devices can take up to another 60 seconds to check for a sync and sync in the changes. I'm not sure what is happening with your devices. However, thankfully, it's not something that seems to be happening to others or many others here. Are your devices connected to the internet or own when this is happening? Is the app opened? Do you close mSecure 5 on the device you make your changes on right away? 

My sync seems within 1-2 minutes, I think it's similar to previous versions. Good to know about the manual/forced sync feature! 

Same issue I have.  Version 4/3 of mSecure went instantly...over the same sync method...iCloud.  There is no reason why version 5 needs to take 60 seconds or longer, or be hard-coded to be 60 seconds before the software it self pushes a sync.  This is just an itch to force people away from using iCloud (or DropBox) back to their preferred mSecure Cloud.  Proof?  I'm still running version 4/3 on iOS and macOS along side occasionally testing if version 5 has finally (no!) gotten back all the older version features, and I know syncing happens INSTANTLY after a record is committed (saved from editing).  I'd love to hear why "60 seconds" is in version 5.

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