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Collapse All Funtion!

The answer to a previous post is ridiculous. 

We need the functionality to Collapse All back.. To try and scroll up and down almost 200 entries is a tremendous waste of time.

When is this being brought back... I have over the years suggested MSecure many times as an IT Professional and now I can't.

This is the most basic of programing capabilities and as a former programmer I know that the interface to a customer is the most important part of making the product welcome.

Please fix this before I and others have to move on. 

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Hi Eric,

Thank you for contacting us and for your feedback. Are you having issues with the quick scroll option? Using the quick scroll option should not take you a tremendous amount of time. I can scroll through 2000 records with in a second or two. I understand that you'd rather we say that we are working on bringing the feature back. However, as I previously explained, we made the change for better and faster loading and to follow Material Design guidelines. We also provided a quick scroll option that allows you to go up and down thousands of records in a fast manner. That said, we are taking customer feedback on this in mind moving forward.

I have to agree.  I have used your product for many years and have enjoyed in tremendously.  This feature is a key component that is now missing and made it much more user friendly especially when you have the hundreds of entry that I do.  You may think the scroll feature is more efficient but it really is not.  It is touchy and often times I find myself trying to control my finger pressure so I can go to the correct entry without passing.  You should bring this feature back as quickly as possible.

Yes they say you can move quickly by using the slider and it is more standard but on My Samsung Edge it doesn't project out far enough so it is a royal pain trying to get to the right spot quickly. I overshoot or find myself moving nothing then suddenly jumping to the wrong place.... Being a former programmer I know bad interface design and this  fits the bill.

We're happy to tweak our quickscroll option. I'll make sure to make a note that the quickscroll could and(or) perhaps should be made a bit bigger to accommodate edge to edge screens. 

Anything would be helpful. The old method was so much quicker, tap and view, now we have to use two hands, scroll scroll scroll (when it works as it can jump) overshoot, scroll back then tap. It has just become so much more difficult to use. OnePass doesn't seem to have this issue that I am aware of so anything that can be done to make it more functional again is appreciated....

No reason to mention 1Password, but since you did, they don't have collapsible headers nor a quickscroll option so I'm not sure what there is to compare here with their Android app. What they do have is the ability to select a Category to go into directly. Their categories are what we call record types. We only have the option of viewing All, Recents, Logins, Credit Cards, and Secure Notes at this time. We are considering making those options editable so that a user can select exactly the top 3-5 record types (categories) they'd like quick access to. 

Apart from that, we have a Groups feature so that you can group your record types in distinct or unique groups. We offer you the ability to quickly go to one of your Groups (menu -> Group Filter -> select group) and the app will remember the group you were in when closed and re-opened making it easier to always get to your specific groups quickly. There is also our favorites toggle and the search (search does not search as you type, but that will hopefully change soon) to find your records quickly. 

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