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Iphone sign up

I'm a current user of Msecure v4.5.4 user and have received the upgrade notice for 14.99.  I would like to upgrade and have tried several times to create an account with a user name and password.  Once I do this  I am brought to a screen to sign into my acct and when I try that it brings me back to create account.  I've tried this numerous time and can not get past the simple step of creating an account.  Now the 14.99 offer is gone until some other random time when I log into v4.5.4.  I've read the various forums and see similar frustrations but no clear answer.  As a successful user of hundreds of different apps across different platforms I'm surprised this step is somehow alluding me.  Any direction and assistance starting with a link to the 14.99 offer and a tips for actually creating the account would be appreciated.

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Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. Can you please point out where you are seeing others having this issue you're having? I do not believe we have any or many customers experiencing any issues with creating or signing up for an account here.

I do not see an account for your email address in our system and unfortunately don't know exactly what is happening here. You can always go directly to our website: and click the purchase option to create an account. Additionally, you can download mSecure 5 and create an account directly from the app.


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