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Replace custom icons

In mSecure 4 I had lot of custom icons which are now migrated to mSecure 5 like Gmail, Uber, Dropbox etc.

The quality is not top notch in comparison to the system icons.

Is it possible I can replace my icons for many of the entries and the system automatically updates the logo from their database?

Hi Dharmil,

If a record has a custom icon, there is no automatic way to replace the icon for that record. However, you can edit the record and either replace the icon with another custom icon or use our cloud icon search to replace the icon with one of the icons that are in our system.

Yes just done with using the cloud icon to replace many custom icons, looking much more organised.

Porque o ícone das lojas "americanas" disponível na seção "cloud" do APP para Android não é atribuído ao registro? O ícone está disponível, você seleciona, confirma, mas ele não atribui. 


Why is the "American" store icon available in the "APP" cloud section for Android not assigned to the registry? The icon is available, you select, confirm, but it does not.

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