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Security Center in Windows version

Rather than just in the Android version, what about the Security Center feature in the Windows version as well? It is easier to handle the data there.

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Hi Hands,

Thank you for the feature request. Our plan is to include the Security Center feature in an mSecure 5 for Windows update in the future. 

Agree with Hands! Changing passwords in a pc is so much easier than doing so on a cellphone... 

The Knowledge Base article indicates that the Security Center is available in the Windows 10 App. I just upgraded to version 5 and I am not seeing it. I see that this was requested over a year ago and a reply stated that it would be added. I was wondering when we may see it.

The Security Center gives you an overview of your password health to learn which passwords are weak, duplicates, and old. The Security Center is not currently available on the Windows app

Our Security Center article does not state that the feature is available for Windows. It states the opposite. The Security Center (with enhancements) will be available for Windows in the next major update we release.

Eden Any expected date for the release date?

Hi Hands,

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we do not provide expected release dates. I can let you know that we are making great progress on a lot of new features we will be including in the next major update though. I'm sorry I don't have more/better news here.

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