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Custom fields bug


1. Create a test record with several custom fields. 

2. Edit the record. 

3. Add another custom field and add some content to it. 

4. 'Edit' the title of one of the other custom fields in the record. 

5. Save your edited title. 

6. Observe how the content has been switched around / deleted between the custom fields. 

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 as desired. 

/// Please fix.

Another bug: 

1. Delete a custom field

2. Add a new custom field

3. The content of the deleted field seems to appear as the content of the new field, rather than this starting off as blank 

Tested on Android. /// Please fix.

Hi Ben, 

Thanks for the reminder here. I'm sorry I hadn't gotten to this before. I'm writing these two thing up for us to fix. On a side note, I saw on your other reply that this website isn't letting you format things properly, is that right? What device and(or) browser are you using? I'd like to fix that if I can.

I'm sorry but I'm actually not able to reproduce these issues. I'm running a much newer build though (1108). Perhaps these issues were handled already in a the newer build? 

Hi Eden, My build number is 1102 - it would be good if the issues had been fixed in this later build. Re the forum problem, it applies to posts made using my BlackBerry KeyOne running Android 7.1.1 and using Chrome browser. I have added paragraphs but then they don't appear in the posts. Maybe this will work though since forum looks a bit different tonight. Ben
Nope - or certainly not at the moment. All the paragraphs have disappeared.

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