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Order of "deleted items"

In what order is the "Deleted Items" list (accessed via the settings? Will newly deleted items appear the top/bottom of this list or somewhere else? Thanks, Ben

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Hi Ben,

I believe the Deleted Items are sorted with the most recent deleted items on top.

Whilst I think that would be a logical way of doing it, it doesn't seem to be the case (at least on Android). /// The reason I was asking was that delete > restore is one way of fixing the modified dates issue as the modified date changes to today's date on the restore. /// I tried deleting a record and it appeared in an apparently random position in the Deleted Items list. If I restore said item and then delete another one, it appears in the same place in the list. /// Since all I can see is record names, all I can say is it isn't at the top or bottom of the list, nor is it alphabetical. /// UPDATE: now some have appeared at the top of the list, but again some don't. /// Basically, I can't work this out and it would be perhaps useful to have some more information in this list such as date deleted, date created, date last modified, and the ability to order the list.

Yeah, I'm not sure on the order now that I'm testing it. I will ask for our specs on this and get back to you. If not working as intended, I'll also make sure to document the issues so that they can be fixed.

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