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Soporte mSecure

Large font size issues

Security center numbers of items are too big so display incorrectly /// Text is truncated on the settings page - it should expand the space to show all the text ///

Hi Ben,

Thanks for pointing out these issues. What font size settings do you have set on your device? I'm using the device default settings and do not experience this issue:

It does only happen when I set font size to "large" in accessibility settings (hence the topic title). /// Thanks (sorry, still not paragraphs when posting from phone).
Although actually your second screenshot has the same issue - the text for "allow screenshots..." is truncated

I see now that any font size above tiny is actually cutting out the text in the settings screen. Thankfully, the Security Center only has issues if using a font size above the middle/default setting and if you have triple digit issues. Both issues have been documented. Thanks!

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