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Upgrade blues from 4 to 5 on mac and iOS

I have also sent this by email to support but will post it here in case that helps anyone else:


I have found the upgrade route from 4 to 5 to be a very frustrating and confusing process and the end result is not particularly worth the hassle.

I was offered and upgrade from 4 to 5 which I duly accepted.

Then the first snag occurred:

“log in to your account” 

mmmmmm sorry I don’t think I have one!

so I create a new account, already feeling somewhat confused.

never mind I bought the product at the reduced rate yahoo!!!!

So downloaded the app to my mac,  the app seemed to want to use the same password I had used to create my online account, not sure why? not very secure I think but perhaps I was just confused by the process.

I had created the online msecure/mseven account with a different email address to my mac id perhaps that explains some of the rest of the confusion.

I now proceed to the iOS app store on my phone and seem to need to pay again this time €32.99 or so to enable syncing. ouch!    but needs must etcetera so I proceed to pay that amount. I am promised this purchase would automagically sync to all my other devices so perhaps it will be worth paying.

It seem I now have to export a backup from mSecure 4 and then import into mSec 5, really? is there not an easier way?? I then am asked for a password for the backup file…is that going to be my network sync password or my previous mSec 4 master password? I’m not sure and there is no direction from the app, but I take a guess that it may be the main app password and get lucky.

so I now manage without too much hassle to set up dropbox syncing, that works and now I have the same database on both iPhone and mac. 

Phew! all good…..but hang on a minute…….. my mac app is still in demo mode…….f**k, b*********ks and such words can now be heard throughout my house. Time for an email to support

So I seem to have paid twice for the same service. Promised purchase recognition across devices has not happened. And I really don’t like how it all looks (see below)

Appearance on both iOS and mac very colourful, font size very big, its an app for storing passwords of which currently I have about 500 or so, I don’t need colourful large icons or large font sizes, I would prefer to be able to view more entries in a smaller space. For example for a particular bank I have 7 entries it would be nice to be able to see them all in one screen on the phone without having to scroll.

These are the details for my original upgrade purchase

Order Number/ Invoice: #3319772
Transaction: 4LA88828CB610332E

I don’t have the app store invoice yet for the iOS purchased version.
My iOS app store email is

I am now trying to set top the same account on my iPad I am told to log in to my account (which one at this stage I have no idea!), I am getting no opportunity to or prompt to scan the qr code sitting there on my iMac.

This has all the hallmarks of software designed by very techy engineers (a good thing) with zero real world testing by humans (not a good thing).

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Hi Dickon,

I'm sorry about all the issues you've run into here.

  1. The purchase of an mSecure 5 license is tied to the mSecure account used to purchase it with. Additionally, the information can only be synced across the same account.
  2. You can ask Apple for a purchase refund and reinstall the app on iOS to sign in to the account you used to purchase the app with the discount (#3319772 - a Gmail email address)
  3. mSecure 5 uses an account system. This account system is used to sign in to the app (mSecure 5) on all devices. Once signed in, you only use the account password to unlock the app. You can read about our security model here:
  4. mSecure 5 will only try to walk you through the migration process the very first time you use your mSecure account on a device. It also needs to know what the mSecure 3 or 4 login password is in order to be able to migrate your information. However, you can always restore from a .mism backup file created in mSecure 3 or 4:

mSecure 5 includes both Free and Pro features. The Free features can be used forever at no cost. The Pro features are free to try for 30-days. After that, a single one-time purchase entitles you to use the Pro features on all of your devices on multiple platforms. Our mSecure Pro license for mSecure 5 is a one-time purchase that gives you access to all the mSecure 5 features on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Minimum system requirements: iOS 9.3+; Watch OS 2.2+; Android 4.3+; Mac 10.10+; Windows 10 (UWP)

This allows you to use mSecure 5 and try it out before even having to pay. Again, I'm sorry about all the confusion you experienced. However, we're here to help. We offer chat support, forum support, and email support to answer any questions you might have and would have been happy to have walked you through any issues you were having before you had to pay anything or the second time. Please note that our forum and chat support are the quickest way to get a hold of use. Email support can take a business day to get answered.

Hi Eden thanks for your reply and assistance via chat earlier.

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