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Allow editing/changing of record Types

It seems to be the case that every element/field of every record can be edited except "Type." Can this be changed so that this element/field can also be edited (perhaps through a pull down menu like used for "Group." As it stands now, if you decide sometime after you create a record as a "Login" (for example) you decide that it makes more sense for it to be an "Email Account" you have to delete the entire record and start all over.

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Hey there, @Mike.

Finally went through all the postings.  Wow, even forgot I had chimed in about 3yrs ago.  But I'm glad to hear that changing the Type of an entry will be available in v6.  I do have some that need to be modified to a new Type and just shy of doing what I suggested in my post, I'd still rather wait. 

I have a question though, if I'd like to be a Beta tester, too, how does being a tester affect one's current data?  Is it a different app?  Does it not touch our current database (therefore we just create dummy records and play with the functionality of the new app)?

In any case, if you can advise on the above, I'd be up for testing.  Are you still thinking v6 is still not going to be released before end of 2021?  That's still 6mos away.



Unfortunately the beta app just updates your current app version and runs against your current database.

That concerned me initially - but I've been running v6 on MacOS, iOS and iPadOS and haven't had any problems with my existing passwords.

@Andy Thank you for chiming in here to answer @Ed's question.

@ Ed I can add you as a beta tester, but I won't be to do so right away. We have had to divert some of our resources over to helping with an issue affecting the older, unsupported mSecure app after recent iOS devices, so we aren't adding new beta testers now. If you can reply the beginning of next week, I should be able to get you on the list shortly thereafter as long as we are able to keep things under control in support.

Regarding your questions, as @Lawrence said, mSecure 6 installs over the top of your mSecure 5 app, and it updates your data. It is not a different app, so we make sure everyone creates a backup of their mSecure 5 data before downloading the beta version so that if anything happens, it's not difficult to revert back to v5. We've only had a couple of testers do that, but it wasn't due to a data-related problem. They just wanted to stop beta testing.

I just finally upgraded to v5 so I am 3 years passed this discussion.     I am pleased to hear about v6 resolving the editing of Types issue.   However, I did think of one other solution you might want to consider that is very simple.  

Why not create another field or record type called "Category"?  This would simply be a filtering tag separate and apart from Type.   This solves the issue of the Type being a template versus how we want to organize our records.   It would be easy to change with out disrupting the item structure.     As an upgrade, I would also move the Icons to the Category since they would get much more daily use.    I doubt that Types would miss the Icons.   

@Stephen I'm not entirely sure what you are saying here, but it's possible you are just asking for a "Tags" feature, which is implemented in mSecure 6. In the new version, you will be able to add multiple tags to records for organizational purposes. It's not exactly what you are saying here, but any tag can be used for any purpose by the user, so it should be flexible enough for what you are describing here.

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