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Am I just to dazzled or are there really no possibilities in the App to include already existing Icons like Amazon or Apple and etc.? As it looks to me I have to separately search them in the Internet, make a photo of them in the perfect size of a cubic and then include them into the App? Hey this can‘t be serious, especially because this feature already was included in MSecure 4. So can you help me with this, or is this really the only possibility?

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Hi Lukas,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. If you use our Logins record type and add a URL to your record, mSecure 5 will search for and automatically download a site icon for you. mSecure 5 also allows you to use our Cloud Icons to search for "Amazon" or "Apple" and get the brand icons you're looking for. Lastly, you can add custom icons as well and mSecure 5 will automatically crop the image in a square 200px png image for you as well. 

I found your site icon mechanism does not always work.  According to this Wiki page, there are many ways to specify site icons.

e.g. contains

 <link rel="icon" href="/favicons/theage.ico" type = "image/x-icon">,

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicons/theage.ico" type = "image/x-icon">

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/apple-touch-icon/theage.png">

However, msecure doesn't load the site icon.

What format does msecure currently support?  Will you be able to extend to cover more?  able to recognise the apple-touch-icon will be good as they tends to be high resolution icons.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 looks for and downloads the Apple Touch icon if the icon is above 90px. However, we have disabled the auto-download of site icons for a bit now. No need icons are being downloaded in our system. We are working to redo the backend of this feature since our initial implementation was a bit too resource intensive. For now, we already have 10s of thousands of site icons that are in our system which you can automatically use in the Login record type when you input a URL, a Cloud Icon search to use these icons on any other record type, and we have a custom icons feature so that you can add all of your own icons in mSecure as well. 

Oh, you mean the site icons are downloaded from the actual site by your system backend, not the app itself.  Interesting.  The description of this feature wasn't clear.

Regarding custom icon, I can download a logo user Safari and save the image.  msecure has no problem to use it as the icon.   However, if I use msecure's builtin browser, the app crashes when I tried to save image.

I pre-ordered msecure 5 and tested it  for a while when it came out.  Found it too buggy so left it aside.  Tried again now and it seems it is still not too robust. 

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