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Fix scrolling on Android

The scrolling has no momentum when you flick with your finger on one of the fields (which is practically all the time). This gives a strange feeling to the app compared to every other Android app.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the feature request. I agree and have already documented this issue thanks to others (possible you?) in our previous forum. Hopefully, with our new forum system and easier upvoting system this can get more attention and I can show that more people care about how unsmooth the scrolling in a record is at the moment.

I believe our latest version should have fixed any scrolling issue you might have had. Have you had a moment to check on this?

I'm afraid I still have the same issue when scrolling within a record. I am used to it now so it doesn't bother me that much anymore but there is still no momentum for flicking the screen. It is very easy to test what I mean: make a record with lots of fields then scroll to the bottom of it (this will likely take several flicks) then touch the part of the screen with the created and last modified date information and flick back to the top (it is much better as it has momentum).
Thanks for fixing this in latest update

No problem. I thought we had it on the last fix but it's something I've been wanting to get fixed for a bit.

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