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password change

I changed my password then could not sign in on my phone with new password

But what they do not tell you is , you sign with the old password first on your phone to be able to then get a prompt to use new password.

Why do they not tell you that,  I almost lost all the data by trying to use the new password thinking I had it wrong !

information please   

Hi Neill,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean here. When you change your password on one device, the new password you just set is always used when you open the app on that particular device. So you should not have ever been in danger of losing any information. Even if you were unable to open mSecure on a second device due to the password change, you still would have had access to your data on the one device that you changed the password on. Am I missing something here?

As for the instructions, this is very, very tricky functionality due to the way data encryption works. On the device you're changing the password, it's very simply. You unlock the app and your data is in a decrypted state. After you change the password, the old password is discarded, and your data is simply encrypted with the new password.

However, on other devices, the data stored in the app is still encrypted with the old password, and, in order to avoid any type of security hole, mSecure on those devices cannot know about the new password. If it were to be able to know ahead of time about the new password, that would mean we were storing it in our system, and that would mean it could be stolen. Because of this, your password information is never stored anywhere other than in your head or on the device for short periods of time when opening the app. Therefore, after changing your password on one device and opening mSecure on a different device, you have to enter the old password first. This is the only way for the data to be decrypted, and then once that happens, the app will lock so you can enter your new password to get the encryption details synced up.

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