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Purchase of latest version

Good morning.

I've purchased the latest version on my MAC, hoping to sync this with my phone app. However, the two versions do not seem to be compatible and I wonder if I've now got two versions running. How can I sync my phone Secure to my newly purchased Mac version. Likewise, how can I update my phone version with the new purchased version. Thanks

Hi Louisa,

Thank you for contacting us. As long as you have mSecure 6 installed on all your devices, you should have no problem syncing your information. The only thing that would keep that from happening is if you were running a very old version of mSecure on your phone, or if you were signed in to a different account in mSecure 6 on your phone.

I'm going to have you check account username information on both your devices really quick:

For the mobile app (iOS/Android):

    1.    Tap the menu icon in the top left of mSecure's main view

    2.    Tap Settings at the bottom of menu

    3.    Tap Account Settings

For the Mac app:

    1.    Open mSecure

    2.    Click "mSecure > Preferences" in the menu bar in the top left of your screen

    3.    Click the "Account" tab

For the Windows app:

    1.    Click the settings icon in the bottom of the left column

    2.    Click Account Settings

Which email address do you see in mSecure's Account Settings on each device?

Next, please tell me which version of mSecure you're running on each device. In the Settings of each mSecure app, tap "About mSecure." Please list the version number you see. For Mac, you'll need to open mSecure, then click "mSecure > About mSecure" in the menu bar at the top left corner of your screen.

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