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Lost data when switching phones

I previously had MSecure 5 and updated to a new phone.  The new phone would only download MSecure 6 and none of my information from 5 transferred.  When I opened the app on the old phone, it required me to update it to 6 and all of my stored info is missing.  The login titles that I had entered are saved, but the data that goes with those logins is missing, no username or password info.

Hi Shanyn,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what happened here, as what you're describing isn't a known issue in any version of mSecure. Since mSecure 6 is a direct update to mSecure 5, there isn't even a migration process that has to take place when moving to mSecure 6. You simply open up the new version and everything is as it was in mSecure 5.

Real quick, I'm going to have you check for an automatic backup on your old phone. I believe it's an Android device, but if not, please let me know as the instructions will be different:

  1. Open your file manager app. I believe it's called "Files" on an Android Pixel.
  2. Find the root folder for your device. On most devices it's called "Internal storage.
  3. In the "Internal storage" folder, tap the "mSecure" folder.
  4. You should see a folder called "backups." Tap that folder.

Were you able to find the "backups" folder on your old phone Shanyn? If so, do you see any backups in that folder? If there are backups, what is the full name of the newest file?

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