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backing up to iMac app

I used to backup/sync from iPhone to iMac by connecting cable. Now it looks like backups go to cloud. O want to backup on my iMac.

Hi Aurora,

A common misconception regarding the older version of mSecure - version 4 - and the mBackup app is that you had to connect your iPhone to your iMac via a cable. In actuality, all of the functionality for backing up took place via your Wi-Fi network where the mSecure app on the iPhone would connect wirelessly to the mBackup app on your Mac and make backups. It didn't hurt to plug in the phone, but it also didn't provide any functionality.

The mBackup app reached its end of life about 7 or more years ago. Since then we have released both mSecure 5 and mSecure 6, each of which no longer connect with a stand-alone backup app, nor do they need one. Now, encrypted backups are stored automatically in your iCloud Drive account, so if anything happens to mSecure, you simply restore from one of the backups the app made previously. 

With an mSecure 6 subscription, you can run mSecure on your iPhone and Mac at no extra charge and keep them in sync on an ongoing basis. Along with automatic backups on both devices, the data redundancy provided by keeping your data synced on all your devices provides all the data safety you need.

Furthermore, if you would like, you can also create encrypted email backups manually. These can be stored in your email app, or in some folder on your device, though some manual movement of those files would be needed.

Are you wanting to upgrade to mSecure 6 Aurora?

I have mSecure 6.1.5 installed. What settings do I need to be sure it's syncing to my iMac at the same time.

How do I do this?

I checked your account, and shows you are using Wi-Fi syncing. It is no problem to continue using that sync feature, but I would recommend mSecure Cloud syncing instead. It's fully automated syncing, and you never have to worry about your data syncing. If you do stick with Wi-Fi syncing, then you'll need to make sure your Mac's mSecure app is open AND unlocked, then you open all your other mSecure apps one at a time (not all at once), and they'll sync with your mSecure app.

Do you see all your data in mSecure on all your devices?

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