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qr code to new phone

when I scan my qr code it says invalid.  i am trying to transfer my msecure 6 to my new phone.  My payment wasn't made last year and my subscription expired but I paid it today and the qr code still does not work.

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're facing here. When the QR code says it's invalid, that means either the password for the account was changed at some point in the past and you now have an outdated code, or it means something else has gone wrong on your account.

I checked your account, and it looks like the last password change was made in April of 2022. Are you scanning your QR code from an email you received from mSecure, or are you scanning it from the Account Settings of mSecure on your old phone? If you are scanning an email, can you check to make sure you received that email after April 25th of 2022?

My secure is now working on my phone but not on my computer. Is it a separate subscription for the computer?

Your subscription covers all devices signed in to the same mSecure account, so you never need to have more than one. What do you mean when you say mSecure isn't working on your computer? What happens when you try to use the app?

Apparently I had to use my QR code on the computer to open it. I did that and it opened it. I have several computers do I need to do that on all of them?

It's great to hear you were able to get authenticated. You will only need to scan that code if the devices aren't able to get access to it in a cached location. For example, if you are using iOS or Mac devices, your encrypted account key, which is what the QR code is, gets stored in your iCloud Drive account in the "mSecure" folder. When you need to sign in to your account on new devices or after a reinstallation, mSecure has access to that folder, so it can get it from your iCloud Drive instead of making you scan it manually.

For Windows and Android it's a bit different. On Windows, it gets stored in a secure location only the OS has access to, but I do not believe it gets synced over to other devices. So on a PC, you should need to scan the QR code, or import it when you get to the Authentication screen. For Android, it's similar. The encrypted account key is stored locally on the device, so you need to scan the code manually when you get a new device.

What you should do now is simply delete the email you were trying to scan at first, then click/tap the option to resend the QR code via email. After you receive that code, simply store it in a folder where you can get access to it for later use. You'll be able to scan that code from other devices when needed.

Thank you

No problem at all! Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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