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I have an older version of MSecure and am able to access it. I downloaded the new version and migrated my information but have now forgotten the password for the new app. What is the easiest way to change the password— can I do it without resetting the account? Thanks.

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you're dealing with here. When you say you forgot your password, are you meaning you're totally locked out of mSecure 6, or are you saying you can still access the app via some type of biometric unlock feature like Face or Touch ID? If you can still unlock the app through biometrics, then you can change the password from the Settings of mSecure.

Also, if you are locked out, do you still have access to your data in the old mSecure app? Are you able to unlock the old app and view your information?

I am not able to access the new MSecure because I hadn’t set up biometric access yet and forgot my password. I can see the old data in the old app and I have been keeping that up to date.

Hi Laurie,

In the case that you're not able to get access to mSecure via Touch or Face ID, there is no other way fix things but to reset your account and start from scratch. The good news is, you have all your data in mSecure 4, so it will be easy to simply import the data again.

Here are the instructions to reset your account and import your data:

1) Delete mSecure 6 from your device(s). IMPORTANT: Do not delete mSecure 4.

2) Open this link in your web browser on any device:

3) Enter your email address in the "Email Address" field, then click "START PROCESS"

4) You'll receive an email with information for the account reset. Read that email, then click "RESET ACCOUNT".

5) Enter a new password two times, enter a hint to help you remember the password, then click "RESET ACCOUNT"

6) Install mSecure from the store app on your device - App Store app, Play app, or Microsoft Store app

7) Open the app and move through the screens until you are asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an account

8) Tap the option to Sign In using your account's email and new password you just set

9) Choose which sync feature you would like to use

10) When prompted, choose the option to import your data from mSecure 4

Were you able to reset your account and import your information Laurie?

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