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edited template and then trouble....

I thought I would add a field to each of the templates b/c I always seem to not have enough text fields to write notes. so I went to settings, edit template, added field, names it NOTES,  named it a TEXT field type, swiped to turn on "show in main view" , swpied to turn on "show label".....and then saved. NOW.....when I went back into each file - they all took out all other info - so now all the fields on the previously saved accounts are gone. and all the cards are labeled "NO NAME"....and I have no idea which card I am looking at b/c they all lost their other fields. 

(when I went in to edit the template - I did NOT make any other changes) NOW all my info is missing.....please help!

Hi Jen,

I'm not sure what's happening here, but I just followed your instructions on my iPhone, and everything worked as it should. I added a field named "Notes" to my "Logins" template, turned on the "Show in main view" and "Show label" toggles, then I saved the template. When I open a record, I see all of the information, and if I edit a record, I see the new Notes field. Whatever has happened here is not a known bug and I have never heard or seen this behavior before.

I don't see anything on your account that should lead to any type of strange behavior, so I'm hopeful this will be easily resolved.

First, are you saying that every one of your records now is showing "NO NAME"? Also, what do you mean when you say the record are labeled "NO NAME"? Can you send me a screenshot of this so I can better understand what's happening?

Also, do you have mSecure installed on any other devices, and if so, do you see the same thing on those devices?

Hi. TY SOOOOO much for trying to help me figure this out. I’ll answer a few of your questions now, and I’ll also have to get back to u on a few tomorrow- after I talk to the rest of my family. First and foremost- we just upgraded to the family plan recently so yes our Msecure account is on 5 people in our family phones. I just recently set up a vault for everyone- and assigned each “card” to the person it belonged to. Yes- the same thing is happening on everyone’s versions of their cards. I will attach a picture of what I mean when I said “ no name” is coming up. And I’ll reread your questions tomorrow morning and see if I can answer any more clearly. Again- thank you so much!

Hi Jen,

Thank you very much for the screenshot. I now know what's happening, but unfortunately, I don't have any idea at this time why it happened. The problem here is that either the account key or the share key that are used to encrypt and decrypt your data is somehow not able to decrypt the data stored in your mSecure app. This one may be a little bit tricky resolve, because the typical signs that can lead to this happening are not evident on your account.

I believe we're going to need to try to restore your data from a backup, but before we do that, I have a few more questions:

  1. I need you to scroll through all of the records you have in mSecure. Do every one of the record show "No Title" on the main view, or do some of them show the correct title?
  2. Please have the other three people look through their records then let me know the same thing for their accounts. Do all of the records show "No Title" or do some of them show the correct title? If some show the correct title, is it that most of them have the correct title or do most of them show "No Title"? In other words, what's the ratio of good to "No Title" records?
  3. In your mSecure app, tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen. Tap Settings, then tap Backups. How many backups do you see in that screen, and what is the most recent entry? Also, DO NOT tap the button to create a new backup. That will simply cause a new backup to created with bad data, and only a certain number can be saved at a time.
So what I did after I assigned each card to a vault ( named or each person in my family)- I opened settings , edit templates, and started at the top (see attached 3 screen shots of the order ) that I did each “title (starting with bank accounts/ then birthdays/ then calling cards/ clothes sizes - that had “records” in them, then edited the formats. Unfortunately for me- I got almost all the way to the end of the list ( stopped at passports) before I realized what was happening. So basically- all the records weee changed except the last 10 or so-if a few hundred, which is why I am somewhat freaking out… lol. Yes this is happening on. Everyone in my family’s app. I included a screenshot of the backup- which seems like just before this happened. HOWEVER- before we restore to the backup, again before I realized what had happened I started deleting these empty “ cards” that didn’t have a name. If I would have to guess I would say that I probably deleted about 20-30 of them…. So if u can tell how many “cards” r in a specific backup- that could be helpful bc maybe we should go back to a day or two prior backup that had the original cards…. I will be anxiously awaiting your response/ help!!! Thank you !!!!

More pics- sorry

Meant to send 4 pics total

Hi Jenfrankel, If I may offer some suggestions - you should immediate go to settings and set your sync settings to WiFi sync instead of cloud sync. Then on one device restore each backup one by one until you find an appropriate one. Next clear out the data on all other devices except the one that holds the correct information before turning cloud sync back on and get all the devices synced again. Or better yet, just use WiFi sync from now on so that whatever changes you make on one device will not affect any other device until you are satisfied with the changes. Hope this helps.

Hi Jen,

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier about this. At this time, I have noway of knowing exactly what happened here. However, I can say I'm highly doubtful it had anything to do with you changing the name of the template. The issue is that the data stored in the records is somehow unable to be decrypted, which is something I have not seen before in this context. I don't believe you have any choice right now but to restore from the backup you have, but the problem is, if everyone's data has been corrupted, you restoring the data that you added in your mSecure account is not going to restore the data they added to their accounts. A backup on your device will only restore data that was created in your mSecure account.

The first thing we need to do is try to get your data restored, so please go ahead and restore from your most recent backup. It's possible the data in that backup will not look right either, so if it doesn't, then restore from the 2nd newest backup. If that doesn't work, then try the 3rd newest and so on until your see the information.

Were you able to restore the data for your account Jen?

HI again. Thanks for following up. I was so frustrated I had to step away from Msecure for a few days...but now I am back and ready to deal with the issue again. LOL. AND.... of course another question/problem came up. I went into my backups and I guess I previously had the setting on saving just 20 backups, and b/c I made so many changes to the template fields on the original date of the problem 10/27- the backups are all from the date 10/27....which is when I first started with editing the template, so I wanted to go back and start from the day prior (or even the week prior - anything prior to 10/27).....but the date doesn't go back that far on my list (I guess bc I made more than 20 changes on 10/27)....can you tell me if I can only go back to the 20th backup version - or if there is a way to go back even further?  AND I am not worried about anyone else in my family having added new cards - I am the main person who uses msecure. I will patiently wait for your response. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Hi Jen,

Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve backups of data that were made before the last one getting displayed in your list of backups in mSecure's Settings. mSecure only creates a limited number of backups, and when the maximum number of backups is reached - in your case 20 - the oldest backup is removed when a newer one is created.

Do you by any chance have a different device that had all your data synced over to it Jen? If you do, it's possible there could be a good backup to restore from on that device instead. If not, let me know, and I'll see if I  think over another option.

hi. Yes - so my husband's phone has a backup from 1 month ago - and I think we should use that one. I don't think that we entered that much new info in the past month, besides just me separating each one into a different vault per family member. But I could just do that over.

What are your thoughts? Should I do it? and then how do I make sure that my husband's phone msecure is the one that we all have? 


I synched my husbands phone from date 9/28 - but some of the records are not reverting back? now what? 

Hi Jen,

Ok, this is good news. It gives us a path to go follow to try to restore your information. Before I send any instructions, can you let me know what you mean when you say you synced your husband's phone from date 9/28? Are you saying that you restored the backup you found from 9/28 on his device? I need to know exactly what you did here, because it can be a bit complicated describing what you do in the app.

What I would like to do is have you restore the backup you found on your husband's device into your mSecure app on your device. To do that, however, you'll need to move that backup over to your device first. Before we get into that, I need you to describe for me exactly what you did on your husband's device. For example, if I were to have you restore the backup on your husbands's iOS device, I would send these instructions:

  1. Open mSecure and tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines)
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Backups
  4. Tap the backup you want to restore from
  5. Enter the password you use for mSecure into the field and tap Restore

Can you send me a numbered list of the actions you performed on your husband's device? Also, just so I'm sure I have the correct information, is your husband's device an iOS device?

After I'm sure I know what you did, I'll send instructions for getting the backup over to your phone so you can restore the data into your account.



1.)I opened my husband's Msecure and tapped the 3 lines on the top left corner

2.) Tap on settings

3.) went to backups - tapped

4.) chose the date Sept 28 which has 486 records

5.) A restore warning popped up - and I entered in my pw

6.) I typed in my pw and it said it was restoring from backup date 9/28

7.) Then backup was restored successfully

8.) I hit ok

9.) I went to look at records -  it says synching - but as it is synching - and I scrolled down - the are still about 330 entries that are titled "NO TITLE"...those are the cards that are missing the information/other fields......  and even when done synching (took about 3 minutes) the cards with "NO TITLE" are still listed.

and now when I look at a number of records - it says 557


I went on deleted says 40;   (27 of which say they were deleted today, the other ones on 10/27 (when the original mess happened) I have no idea why b/c we definitely did not delete 27 records today, manually.

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