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Premium account to family

How do I go about converting my premium account to a family account without losing my data?

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Hi Cheryl,

I can upgrade your account to a Family subscription, and it won't have any effect on the data you store in the app. I checked your subscription and you have a Monthly Premium subscription. I can either upgrade that to a Monthly or Yearly Family subscription instead. Here are the numbers if you were to upgrade to either monthly or yearly:

  1. Monthly: You will be billed US$3.03 now and US$6.47 every 1 month after.
  2. Yearly: You will be billed US$61.77 now and US$64.79 every 1 year after.

Which of those options to you want to go with?

Hi let’s do the yearly charge vs monthly. Thank you!!! I am also going through and removing my aol email. I’m assuming I would be able to log in on line and update that to my email. I appreciate your help!

Hi Cheryl,

Ok, I was able to update your subscription, so you now have a yearly Family account. The system told me you would be billed US$61.98 today and then US$64.79 every 1 year after. Also, your next bill date when the subscription renews will be on October 20th of 2024.

With regards to your email address for your account. I went ahead and updated that in our system, so you don't even have to do that now. In the future, should you need to change your email, however, you can do that in the Account Settings of mSecure on any of your devices.

Thank you very much for your time Cheryl, and please let me know should you need further assistance.

Want to upgrade to annual family plan and am unable to process using "upgrade Now"  (described in attachment) because this does not exist on my app.  My annual premium plan is thru apple and comes due in April 2024.  Please advise how I can upgrade to family now.  

@Jim Thank you for contacting us. For purchases through the Apple App Stores, you can upgrade to a Family plan, but it has to be done from the Subscriptions section of the Settings app on your device. Before you do this, however, it's important to understand we don't have any control over how Apple processes the upgrade. For some, when they upgrade to a Family subscription, Apple doesn't take into consideration the time remaining on their current subscription and there is no proration of the cost of the new subscription. Instead, they perform the upgrade, they're charged the full price for the Family subscription, and the expiration date is set exactly one year in the future.

If you are ok with that, you can find the upgrade by opening the Settings app and tapping your name at the top. On Mac, click "Media & Purchases" and then click "Subscriptions." On iOS, tap "Subscriptions." In the Subscriptions page, select your mSecure Subscription, and you will find the option to upgrade the Subscription to a Family plan.

Is there an upgrade process (to move to Family Plan) I can use to go directly thru MSecure and discontinue using Apple?  My preference is to work directly with MSecure.


As mentioned before, you can upgrade through the App Store in the Subscription of the Settings app, or you can sign up for a new subscription on our website. If you were to sign up for a new subscription, however, I need to make sure you have cancelled any App Store subscriptions you currently have so that you are not charged for them in the future. After you have cancelled your App Store subscriptions, then you'll sign up for a new Family subscription on our website. At that point, you'll only be billed one time each year from Paddle, our online seller.

You can cancel your App Store subscriptions from the "Subscriptions" section of the Settings app in all your iOS or Mac devices. Were you able to find you and your family's active mSecure subscriptions and cancel them? If so, let me know, and I'll send you instructions for signing up on our website.

I cancelled Apple App store subscription, paid annual family subscription (through Paddle) and received this notice (see below).  The links take be me  back to the Apple App store where I receieve notice above the download that says: "Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps."    -  the same version I already have.  Also there is no link to the family plan download .   It is confusing  on how my payment to Paddle can be used in the App Store and I am not sure how to download the family plan.   Appreciate any help you can give, otherwise I will need to cancel Paddle payment and go directly through App store.


Thank you for your purchase!

mSecure Account

You can download mSecure onto all of your devices using the links below. Each link will take you to the device’s corresponding App Store where you can install the mSecure app. After installation, simply sign in to your account by entering the username above and your account password.

Again, thank you for your purchase. We look forward to serving your digital security needs!


@Jim The message you are seeing is simply letting you know where you can download the mSecure app if you haven't already. In your case, so far as I understand, you have already download the app to all your devices, so you can simply ignore the message.

As for your subscription, since I don't know what your email address is for your mSecure account, I can't check to make sure it was set up correctly, but you don't have to download a different app in order to see the Family Subscription. After you purchase the subscription, as long as you used the same email that you use for the email on your account, the subscription gets applied. You should now see that you have a Family subscription if you open mSecure's Account Settings on any of your devices.

Are you seeing that you have a Family subscription in mSecure's Account Settings? If not, can you let me know what email address you use for your mSecure account?

The Family subscription is displayed in my account settings and  it appears I'm  ready to add family members. 

Mike thanks so much for all your help!!!

No problem at all Jim. You have a great Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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