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Tag list doesn't appear when typing double-byte Japanese characters

I'm using mSecure 6 for Mac.  When adding a tag in a new record, users start typing a tag (in alphanumeric characters) to see a list of existing tags which they can choose from.  For instance, when I type "m" in the Tags field in a record, mSecure shows a list of existing tags that start with "m", and I can choose a desired tag from the list.  But when I type double-byte Japanese characters, like "亜" (Kanji), "ア" (Katakana), or "あ" (Hiragana), this doesn't happen.  This is inconvenient to me because I have a lot of tags in Japanese characters.

Also, it would be very convenient if users can add tags by drag & drop -- i.e., users can drag existing tags from the TAGS list in the left-most side bar and dropping them in the Tags field in a record in the right-most details pane.

Hi Yasu,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, for your first issue, mSecure doesn't support the Japanese language, so I'm not sure we're going to be able to fix this issue. But let me get some more information from you in case there is something we can do to make this work. If you have any records with these characters saved in the data, when you search for that data in the search field, do the records containing them get returned? For example, if you were to add just those three characters alone to a note in one of your records, then enter one of those characters into the search field at the top of the middle column on Mac, does the record show up in the list below? That should indicate the issue is in the search query used for the tags, which should mean the problem can be fixed.

For your request about dragging and dropping tags onto records, I will get that added to our feature request list.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your quick response.  The answer to your question is "Yes".  I have no problem searching records with double-byte Japanese characters -- i.e., when I type any Japanese characters in the search field, mSecure finds all records containing those characters in any fields as expected.  Hope this helps.

Hi Yasu,

I wanted to get back to you about this issue, as we're planning a new release soon. Our developer looked into the issue, and wasn't able to reproduce the problem with the tags. However, he believes the reason for that is because he doesn't understand the Japanese language well enough to simulate the context you're in. Would you be able to send me good instructions on how we could reproduce the issue where your tags aren't getting returned with the characters you use? If we are able to reproduce what's happening, then it should be able to be fixed.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking care of the issue.  Here's the simple steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Create a new record to add a new tag using Japanese characters.  For instance, you can copy & paste the following Japanese text in the Tags field to create a new tag:  健康管理

2. Create another record, and type "" in the Tags field.  By the way, this is the first character of the new tag you created in the step 1 above.

Expected Result:

mSecure should show a popup list of existing tags including "健康管理" (i.e., the tag you created in the step above).

Actual Result:

mSecure doesn't show any popup list of existing tags.

Thank you very much for your help with this Yasu. Our developer is working on this now and found out something interesting in the process. It turns out the tag picker doesn't appear when using copy and paste. Even if you paste in English characters, if they match a tag, the tag picker will not get displayed. This means that copy and pasting the Japanese characters you supplied doesn't reproduce the bug. 

First, he wanted to make sure that you're not copy and pasting characters into the tags field when you're trying to get one that's already created to get displayed. If you are, which I'm pretty sure is unlikely, then we're hoping everything will work when you type in the characters instead.

If you were typing in the characters, which is likely, we're wondering if you can provide help with us figuring out how to type those characters in using a Japanese keyboard, that would be good. I know how to set my Mac to show the Japanese language, but I wouldn't know specifically which characters to type in that would trigger the bug you're reporting.

Hi Yasu,

I have an update on this issue. Our developer hopes he has the issue resolved, but we would like to get a beta build out to you as soon as possible for you to test it. If you are willing to install the newest Mac beta build, can you send me an email at ""? After you send the email, let me know here in the forum. As soon as I see your email, I'll send you a link to download the new build.

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