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Account created by manager without business owners consent.

Hello, an account was created by a manager who will no longer be with us. We did not authorize this. He then added us as Admins. 

How do I transfer this data to a new account without notifying him in the process? We are afraid he will terminate our passwords and other logged data that he put in.

Thank you

Hi Dino,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what will be able to be done here, because accounts are created under a particular email address. Depending on what email address the person used, that will be the email address that receives information about what's happening with the subscription. I will look into this further, but I wanted to let you know this is a very tricky situation to deal with, since the owner of the account is who we have to rely on in order to make changes to it.

Real quick, can you let me know the email address of the owner of the account? After I can look at the account in our system, that will help with knowing how to proceed. Also, if you would like, you can send an email to "" if you don't want to write out the email address here in the forum. If you do send an email, please let me know here in this thread so I can look for it in our support system.

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