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Hello.  I believe I was hacked two days ago and now I am completely convinced that my phone is either being mirrored or tracked.  I am VERY reluctant to sign into mSecure on my phone to make a backup.  If I reset my phone to Factory Settings and restore it from iCloud back-up will my mSecure account and data be restored?  

I believe I have a Premium subscription currently.  

Thank you.

Hi Lori,

Thank you for contacting us about this before you restored your iPhone. I checked your account, and you are using mSecure Cloud syncing, so your encrypted data is stored in your cloud account on our server. This means that if you were to restore your phone from a backup, you would be able to sign in to your account to retrieve your data.

However, I would recommend signing in to your account on a different device before you restore your phone. We have customers run into a few different problems when changing devices, which is sort of like what you're doing here, and I always recommend them having their data on one device before doing anything else. If you have any device, like an iPad, a Mac or a PC, I can help you get signed in to your account really quick, then it won't matter whatever you do on your phone.

Do you have a different device you can install mSecure on Lori, even if it's just temporarily while you work on getting your phone reset?

Hi, Mike.  Yes - I have a PC.

Hi, Mike.  Yes.  I have a PC.

Hi Lori,

Ok, let's get mSecure set up on your PC real quick. To do that, go ahead and find mSecure in the Store app on your computer and download the app. After you download it, open mSecure and sign in to your account. You will need to authenticate using your account's QR code that was sent to you when you first created your mSecure account.

Were you able to get signed in on your PC Lori, and if so, do you see all your information on that device?

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