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 This morning, July 24'th, I got a mail from, saying that my subscription was cancelled as of july 24.

When I follow the link It says that I have a free Msecure 5 account.

 But in my MSecure 6 it says that my subscription period for my premium account expires on August 7.

Why did you change the subscritption period and type?

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1) The grace period has nothing to do with Paddle. It is hard coded in the mSecure app. It's not nonsense, you just have to understand how the system works.

2) I'm not blaming the customer, so what you're saying makes no sense. I have been in contact with Paddle for not only you but other customers to try and figure out if it's their problem or not. Thus far, I have not been able to get confirmation what causing the problem. So, in these cases, like other bugs in mSecure, I just have to keep at it until a resolution is arrived at.

3) Great.

4) You're seeing August 7th, because of the grace period hard coded into the app, as mentioned many times before and in my response in #1. Paddle has a subscription expiration date, or renewal date, and mSecure sees that date. Let's say that date is January 1st, 2024. If the subscription is cancelled, then January 1st will arrive. When that date arrives and mSecure see's the subscription is cancelled, it then says, "The subscription was cancelled, but I'm going to give the user a grace period to renew their subscription. I will show the user a date in the future so they have a cutoff time to get everything with the subscription resolved." The thing is Jens, you're getting more time than you paid for, so what is the problem here? Even if this was a bug, which it isn't, it would be a bug in your favor, so why are complaining??

5) The subscription started on July 11th, 2022 IS the subscription I was referring to! I specifically wrote, "I see two subscriptions in our system, the first one was started on July 11th, 2022." That is the first subscription you started, and it was cancelled this year due to payments not being able to be processed on your credit card. That payment not being able to be processed is the reason you now have a second subscription that you started on July 24th of 2023. You have two subscriptions in our system. One was started in 2022, and you paid for one year at that time. When the renewal for the 2nd year came up, your card was declined, so you weren't charged for the second year on that first subscription. Then you started a second subscription a few days ago, and you paid for the 2nd year. I don't understand what is not clear about this.

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