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MSeven software

 This morning, July 24'th, I got a mail from, saying that my subscription was cancelled as of july 24.

When I follow the link It says that I have a free Msecure 5 account.

 But in my MSecure 6 it says that my subscription period for my premium account expires on August 7.

Why did you change the subscritption period and type?

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I received the same email. It is from mSeven not mSecure. 

mSeven owns Msecure. Actually, it is sent from And my last payment (a year ago) was to In the mail there was a link, where I could get help from a robot. The dumbest robot, I have ever encountered. The only answer I got was a link to cancel my subscription. I do not understand, that such an excellent software is supported by so poor service.

Here is my dialoque:

Me: In ny Msecure 6 - accouunt page  - it says "Your Premium Account expires on august 7" , but you sent me an e mail saying my Msecure 5 account will be cancelled on july 24.
Robot: Ok, one moment while I process your request.
Robot: You can cancel your subscription yourself by clicking on this cancellation link.
Is there anything else that I can help you with?

Me: Yes, I want my question answered. I do not want to cancel
Robot: Sorry I didn't understand your last message, are you having trouble with the Cancellation Link?
Me: No

Robot: If you need anything else, feel free to ask. In the meantime, have a great day!
Me: I do not want to cancel. Why do you thionk I want to?
Robot: Ok, one moment while I process your request.
You can cancel your subscription yourself by clicking on this cancellation link.
Is there anything else that I can help you with?

Me: I do Not want to cancel
Robot: Sorry I didn't understand your last message, are you having trouble with the Cancellation Link?

etc. There is no help to get anywhere from

I got information from Msecure, that "The subscription payment wasn't able to process which canceled the plan".

But no answer to my basic questions: Why?

1)      why did send me a mail on July 24, that my subscription was cancelled on that day, although my account data says that my account expires on Aug. 7.

2)      Why did claim that I had a Msecure 5 account, when I had a Msecure 6 premium account

3)      Why is it not possible to get in any kind of meaningful dialogue with F.ex on why the subscription was cancelled. There was no information on WHY in the mail from

@Jens I'm not sure what you mean here. You have had an mSecure subscription since July 11th of 2022. Before July 11th, Paddle attempted to renew your subscription 4 times, but the payments failed for some reason. Typically this happens due to the credit card on file having expired. Now you have create a new subscription yesterday, July 24th. Just before July 24th of 2024, the same renewal attempts will take place, and as long as the card on file is not declined for some reason, the renewal will go through, and your subscription will be paid through July 24th of 2024.

The reason it's not possible to talk with Paddle, is because they are our service provider. When there is a problem with mSecure, whether it be for the app's functionality or a subscription issue, we are responsible to help our customers. Paddle is simply the "Merchant of Record," since they only handle all things related to the financial transactions that take place through our website.

I don't understand your 2nd point, but I'm not sure that matters. We sold mSecure 5 Pro licenses through our website as well, so Paddle was responsible for those sales as well. Again, I don't know what the confusion is here exactly, so I don't know how to answer it specifically.

In the end, you now have an active subscription, and everything looks right on our side. You have been charged the correct amounts, so far as I can tell, but please let me know if you see something wrong about the amount charged.

Is everything making sense now Jens? If not, please let me know what points are still confusing, and I'll do my best to explain in more detail.

@Ken Does what I have explained to @Jens help in your situation? If not, please let me know the specific details that are confusing for you, and I'll explain what's happening.

I am concerned regarding cancellation of my account when to the best of my knowledge I haven’t received a billing.

Mike Writes: "Paddle attempted to renew your subscription 4 times, but the payments failed for some reason"

So that was the explanatiopn. But why was it a secret? Why is it impossible to tell the customer, that the payment fails?

And: If Paddle have tried 4 times, there must have been plenty of time to inform me - your customer - that the payment have failed.

Why wait to the same day that you will close my account. And then without any explanation.

Is that not extremely poor service?

And According to my Account information in Msecure 6, My account expired on Aug. 7. Se attached file. So why cancel my subscription 14 days before that?

Mike writes: "I don't understand your 2nd point,"

It is quite simple: se the attached file. It says that I have a premium account - But when I followed the link, It said that I had an Msecure 5 account.

Why this discrepancy?

@Jens I don't know why you didn't receive notification for the payment failing, as that should be happening. Perhaps the email was caught in spam or something, but I'm not sure.

Which link did you follow that tells you you have an mSecure 5 account? I'm looking at the PDF you sent, and I went to the link I believe you are referring to, but it simply talks about managing your subscription. Can you provide the actual URL you are going to so I can try to understand the confusion you are having about mSecure 5? The only thing I can think at this point is that you are seeing you have an mSecure 5 Pro license and somehow that causing the confusion. If that's the case, you having a V5 Pro license simply means you get an Essentials account in mSecure 6. That's no something Paddle decides. It's what we have decided to do to give those who were paying customers in the past features they had already paid for.

Regardless of these things, can you confirm for me that mSecure is working correctly now? I'm looking at your account, and the subscription shows it will renew on July 24th of 2024. Is that what you're seeing as well?

@Ken I checked your account, and the same thing has happened that happened to @Jens. I'm guessing your credit card expired, so the payment couldn't go through. Again, I don't know why you weren't notified, but you should have been. If you would like, you can simply sign up again on our website -

You do not answer my question:

Why first send a message on July 24.  saying that I only have access to my account until July 24?

Why did you cancel my subscription 2 weeks before it expired?

When I read that had tried four times, I checked my spam filter. Of course.

(If the last message evaded the spam filter, what makes you believe that there were previous mails that was caught?)

Why not admit that they did not even try to contact the customer?

Why not admit, that have a lousy customer service?

And that MSeven do not care.

As I can see, I am not alone.


Unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot of the homepage that said my account was a Msecure 5.


And by the way: My subscription expired on August 7. And I renewed for one year. Why does it end on July 24?

Why do you take away 2 weeks of my subscription?

@Jens The reason why you still have access to your subscription after it was cancelled is because mSecure is programmed to give you a grace period. We understand there can be unforeseen delays when it comes to payment processing issues, so instead of simply cutting off feature access, we give a grace period of 2 weeks after the app sees the subscription was cancelled. In this case, Paddle cancelled your subscriptions because the card was declined. Now, mSecure is giving you a grace period so we can get that issue resolved.

There is no admitting or not admitting anything here Jens. There are plenty of times when things go wrong in mSecure and we simply say, "We're sorry that happened and we'll get it fixed." In this case, I literally don't know why you didn't get notified. I absolutely do care about what happened, which is why I'm writing out my responses, but I cannot admit to something when I don't know why it happened. Does that make sense?

In the end, I don't know what you're looking for here. If it sounds like I'm defending something on our end, I don't know why that is. Something went wrong, I don't know what went wrong, and now I'm trying to make sure everything is working correctly. I can see that four attempts to charge your previous card were made, and they all failed. You should have been notified, but apparently you weren't. Now what?

You're telling me that you saw mSecure 5 somewhere, and I'm trying to address that question the best way I know how. Your account has an mSecure 5 Pro license on it. I confirmed that by looking at your account. I don't know what else could have been said about mSecure 5, but I'm more than willing to look into it further, which is why I asked you for the URL. I'm not sure what problem that poses even if we see that mSecure 5 is mentioned when it should be mSecure 6. mSecure 6 is an upgrade to mSecure 5, so it's possible there is some information that wasn't updated correctly in a help article. If that's the case, I would love to update the information so that it's correctly referring to mSecure 6, but I can't do that unless I can locate the error. But again, now what?

Anything you need, I can help you with. I can correct errors, and I will definitely tell you when we've done something wrong. I'm not trying to hide problems in the mSecure app. However, I won't admit something when I don't understand what's going wrong. That does neither you nor I nor anyone else any good. It's just as problematic to admit something incorrectly than it is to not admit something incorrectly. In the end, I need to locate errors and understand problems that take place with mSecure, and when I do, I will respond honestly. But most importantly, I will do everything I can to correct the errors so they don't happen again to other customers in the future.

@Jens I don't know what you mean when you say your subscription expired on August 7th. I see two subscriptions in our system, the first one was started on July 11th, 2022. That is the subscription that expired. The second subscription was started on July 24th, 2023, and that's the one you just signed up for after the previous one expired. Where is August 7th coming from? I have no information in our system about a subscription expiring on August 7th.

1) The grace period? That is nonsense to me: writes on July 24 at 02.12:  "Du har adgang til dit abonnement indtil udløbet af din betalingsperiode, som er den 24. juli 2023." Translated into English: "You have access to your subscription until the end of the payment period, which is July 24 2023" . This leaves a grace period of 22 hours.

That and the fact that there is no explanation whatsoever is poor customer service.

2) You say: "We're sorry that happened and we'll get it fixed."  That is the first time I have heard that. So far all I have heard is "blaming the customer" and lame excuses. Not one time, have you said: "Sorry, we are trying to find out what happened". And what have you done to find out, what happened?

3) of course everything is on track now. Within the 22 hour grace period, I mangaged to renew my subscription.

4) August 7.? Well: Look at the file attached above and you will see that my Windows app said "expires Aug 7" - and  so did my two Android apps.

5) You write: "the first one was started on July 11th, 2022. That is the subscription that expired." - What about the premium account, I subscribed to - and paid for in July 2022 (#39039647-50405652).  Have you not registrered that subscription?

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