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Family sharing

Subject has been cover but not for several years wife and I have been sharing the same Apple account - now we each have our own accounts. We would like to share mSecure across both our accounts. We have family share on the Apple account. Is this possible?

Hi Paul,

Thank you for contacting us. While it's not possible to cover two accounts through the Apple Family Sharing, we do now have a Family Subscription, which provides you with 5 licenses. Is that what you're looking for? You can check out more about all mSecure subscription plans here:

Hi, thank you. Really as only one of us inputs the information and the other just needs to read the information €60 a year would be outside of our budget. Is it not possible to do this under the premium package?

You can simply sign in to the same mSecure account on both you and your wife's devices. In this case, you would simply sharing all information you store in the mSecure app. In this case, you'd only be paying for one license.

Does that work for you Paul?

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