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change email address on my mSecure Support account

 I changed my email address on my account and vault, but in the account update/maintenance screen my old email address is one field I cannot change.  What is the secret sauce necessary to enable that to change?  Or do I need to create a new Support account?

Hi Kerry,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure which email address you're referring to here. If you change the email address for the username in mSecure's Account Settings in the app, that will change the email address in every place it's seen in the app. Are you saying you're still seeing the old email address in the app somewhere? That will also change the email address you need to use for signing in to your account on our website. What that does is simply change the email address on your mSecure account.

If you are talking about the email address on your support account, that's different. The mSecure app and our support system are not tied together in any way, so the username has to be changed independently of one another.

I am aware that they are separate systems. I have already changed the email address for my account.  I am trying to change the email address for my account (both accounts used the same email, and that email is going away).  There does not seem to be any place on the support website to change the email address.  Since I cannot change it, your reply above went to the existing email bucket. And since the email address is also the account login username, I had to use the old email address to respond to you.  Can someone update the email address for me ?

it is currently:        

I want it changed to:


Thank you for the extra information Kerry. I just update the email address for your contact information in our system, and I believe that also updates your username for your support account. It's now ""

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