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Disgruntled after use since 2009

Hi, I've had Msecure since 2009 on my iOS device. I recently had some issues as the latest QR code that was sent to me was from 2017 which caused the password to change to the main account. I followed the Help instructions to reset the account password and it said remove the apps off all devices which I did I have android phone, windows machine, 2 mac devices. I selected to start the process and never got an email contacted support. Waited a some time for them to get back to me they advise there is no account for me to create a new one. So I thought that is odd, I've been a customer for so long how did the account get deleted, and why wasn't I sent a new QR code after updates from 2017? So I created a new account and have to PAY to access the essentials licence?

This is really bizarre. I got an essentials licence as part as paying for all these years as per mail sent on 4th March 2022. I just want to know, do I have to use a new tool or not as I don't want to pay for something again that I've had since 2009.

 mSecure Subscriptions

We want to make sure you know how valuable you are to us, so as an mSecure 5 Pro user, you won't lose any features you paid for in V5, even if you decide subscriptions aren't for you. Not only will you be getting an updated product with many new features, but you also get free access to the Essentials subscription tier at no cost. This includes all the features you loved in V5. Though there are new features in the Premium subscription tier that will require a recurring payment, as a paid user we've made this subscription as affordable as possible by offering 50% off the cost new users are charged. This discount will be made available to you when mSecure 6 releases next week. For more information on why we're going to a subscription model, click here.

Hi Annette,

There seems to some confusion here, so I'll do my best to clear everything up. This may take a few messages to get on the same page, but if you stick with me, it should all make sense by the end.

The first thing I need to know is which email address did you receive your QR code from 2017? I have checked our system, as Nick did who you were talking with via email, and there was no account in our system with the email address you are using here in our support system. There is an account now, but it was just created on June 7th, 2023. This means that before June 7th, that account did not exist, because our account system will not allow you to create an account using the same email address of an account that already exists. However, that doesn't mean you didn't have an account previously. It just means that if you did, that account had to have been using a different email address.

As a quick note, it's possible their was another account using the same email address, but it would have had to have been deleted from either the Mac or iOS mSecure 6 app by the person who owns the account before June 7th. We here at mSeven Software do not ever delete any of our users accounts. There are a couple of us who can delete accounts, but it is not something that can be done accidentally, and we would never do that without getting approval from the user first. All that to say, the only way an account you may have had before June 7th could have been deleted is if you chose to delete it from the Account Settings in the mSecure 6 app.

If you are sure you had an account before June 7th, and I think you did because you mention a QR code from 2017, do you have a different email address that could have been used for the account? If so, what is that email address?

It is this email address. I have all my backs ups from 2010 in this email address. I have the original iTunes order from 2009, beta testing email conversations on Mac for 2013 from msecure and even customer service tickets in 2017 when you had issues pre ordering msecure 5 Eden had to remove my account and recreate it. This has taken well over a week to address. I will move on to another product where my work gives me a discount. I wish you the best.

Hi Annette,

I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you. Please do let me know if you would like to continue using mSecure. The problem right now is that you do not have an mSecure account in our system. I don't know which email address you used after Eden removed your original account, but that really doesn't matter at this point. If you want to create a new account, you can do so with your email address. It's very simple to create a new account, and then you can restore your data from one of your backups, which is also is not difficult. As long as I can find the license you purchased for mSecure 5, I can simply add it to the account you created, and you'll have an Essentials account in mSecure 6.

Wow that would be really great. I have the order number here for MSecure 5. Pre-Order Receipt #1279732.


Hi Annette,

Ok, I was able to find your account and I added the mSecure 5 Pro license to it. You should now see you have an Essentials account within about a minute of opening the app.

Do you see you have an Essentials account in mSecure's Account Settings?

Thanks so much for your help, I can now see the essentials licence.

That's great news Annette! Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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