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Copy of record missing attachments ??

Noticing on my laptop that when I create a copy of a record that has attachments - the record is created but the attachments are missing from the copy.  Is this intended behaviour ??

If I duplicate the record on my iphone however, the attachments do appear in the duplicate record - and the record syncs properly to the pc laptop with attachments intact.

Hi Noella,

I'm talking to our developer about this, but I wanted to ask you if you think that feature is needed? At first, it seems like it would be good to duplicate the attachments, but then after I thought about it, what would the use case for that? I'm actually thinking it might be right to stop the duplication of the attachments in Mac and iOS. What are your thoughts on this?

Personally, If I wanted to make a duplicate/copy of a record I would want it to be a complete duplicate/copy - attachments and all. I was surprised when I used my laptop to create a duplicate record when I noticed it did not include the attachments, yet on my iphone, creating a duplicate gave me a full duplicate copy = attachments and all.  Having the ability to create duplicates is not a feature that I regularly use - I was only testing a few items and noticed that peculiarity on the laptop.

We can make a change to either iOS/Mac or Windows. What is the workflow you have that would make it a benefit to copy the attachments for the record as well? I don't use attachments much, so it's hard for me to think of it. As long as I can document a good use case, I'm sure the Windows version will be changed in the next few releases.

I personally have come across scenarios like this. I would think that duplicate, and copy, could be two separate uses. Let’s say I click on the duplicate/copy button for an entry, I would think as a heavy user myself, I would then like to see a prompt that say something like, “Duplicate Entry without attachments (or) Cop Entry with attachments. That I would find very useful. As I heavily use the attachments feature with some as much as 21.

@Ross Thank you very much for the feedback! As mentioned before, we can make changes to any of the apps, but I'm still trying to figure out the reason for needing to copy the attachments that are in the record you're duplicating. I'm definitely not saying there isn't a reason, we just don't understand it yet.

For example, if you have a Credit Card record with the pictures of the front and back of it attached to a record, when you duplicate that record, what is the reason you would need to have the attachments of that card duplicated? In other words, what purpose does the copying of the attachments serve?

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